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January 13, 2009


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  • Mood: Gloomy
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Um I'm not sure if DeviantArt is the best place for help with this sort of thing but last night I looked at my special calendar and I realized haven't gotten you know BLOODY down there since Halloween. Im beginning to wonder if maybe I'm pregnant, but that's impossible because I havent really had sex or haven't really kised a guy for real yet. Ive kissed a guy on the cheek once but he moved away like a week after that so it couldnt be him so Im wondering if there's a way that you can become pregnant without having sex all the way? Im starting to wonder if maybe somehow my dad got me pregnant like sometimes guys play with their penises in the Bathroom you know? and the stuff gets all over the toilet seat and then If I sit on the toilet you know you never know what could happen. I read an article on the internet about this and I found that there was a girl who got pregnant because she was in a swimming pool full of boys and one of them wanked off in the pool (ew) and one of them got through her bathing suit and she got pregnant that way. I think that maybe my dad got me pregnant on purpose.

So my conclusion is I think my dad saw my DeviantArt and got angry about how I called him dumb in Japanese and how I didnt like the Christmas presents, and so he punished me by getting me pregnant so I can see what it's like to have a family of my own and care for someone else! OH MY GOD Can you believe my dad? My dad went and got me PRENGANT. What the FUCK. I'm really positive now, because like I'm sort of round a little bit. Just a little bit though, Im not fat like all the way. Still, I don't think I deserve to get RAPED for doing this. Maybe a spanking or something but not RAPED


I told my parents about how i didnt get a period since Holloween, and they took me to a doctor which is probably what i should have done beforehand. Anyways, it turns out IM NOT PREGNANT! :dance: The doctor said that part of the reason i skipped do many mounths is the medication im taking, but another part of it is my diet. he said that if i wanted to have regular mounthlies again id have too start eating healthier food and excersizing more often Um, and i agree i mean, i dont think im really that fat, i only way like 155, but I guess i can live without all the junkfood and stuff.
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Reading this 5 years later, still gold. :lol:
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I have gotten it since November 8, 2011 or something
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Gotten what?
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9gag brought me here
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9gag brought me here
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Not sure if trolling or serious...ah who cares, im gonna point and laugh at you because people think you're retarded.
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Successful troll is so successful, she graced 9gag. GG.
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